Saving Lives

Whatever the scale or location, ASA is ready to take on animal cruelty head-on.


We are a national organization that attends to cases from the local authorities about animal cruelty. We also provide help with forensic evidence collection, investigations, rescuing animals, and transporting them to safety. We set up temporary facilities to treat and shelter the animals and provide for them until they are ready to be adopted, and we also provide legal services to ensure that anyone involved in this cruelty is brought to justice.


ASA is well-established for raiding dog fighting compounds and puppy mills, as well as other sites of animal abuse, delivering animal victims to safety and ensuring that they find loving homes. However that’s not all, and even more occurs after the rescue, in the lab, and in the courtroom. We also work together with numerous agencies to collect and analyze evidence that local and federal law enforcement might use in order to clinch cruelty convictions.


Animal Rescue

Rescuing animals from deteriorating conditions

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The primary focus of our cruelty intervention efforts in New York City is based on three parts:

  • Emergency veterinary care for underserved communities
  • Animal hoarding
  • Resources for domestic violence survivors

We also make referrals available to pet owners who need financial, mental health-related, and structural barriers for their pets. We help our clients find the best resolution for the animals involved.

Animal hoarding is a generally misunderstood health problem that affects both the humans and animals involved. Without focusing on the needs of the hoarder, collecting animals cannot be appropriately addressed. People back out of reporting hoarding situations because of trouble and the fear of losing their animals. Nonetheless, early intervention can end up being favorable to animals and humans involved and without this intervention, animal hoarding conditions will worsen, putting a lot of animals at risk.

ASA has a program in place that provides life-saving veterinary care and other support to low-income pet owners in NYC. ASA offers complete wellness packages that include microchipping and vaccines procedures. A lot of pet owners refer themselves to this program because they want to keep their pets but can’t provide them with the necessary amenities.

In a current survey of women in a domestic violence shelter in Ohio, 42.5% disclosed they have an abusive partner hurting or threatening to harm a pet. Following the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, 25% to 45% of battered women claimed that their pet was a barrier to them leaving an abusive circumstance, as they could not take their pet along with them to a domestic violence shelter.