For more than 7 years; ASA has labored tirelessly to solve animal abuse and neglect. We are a nationwide leader in the areas of rescue, adoption, and welfare, and your tax-deductible donation will assist in fighting cruelty and making a life-changing improvement for animals across America.


More than 7 years; ASA has worked tirelessly to put an end to animal abuse and neglect. We are a nationwide leader when it comes to the rescue, adoption, and welfare of animals. Kindly make your donation as we assist in fighting these cruel acts.



With a Memorial gift, you can celebrate the life of a loved person or pet. Donations can be made in memory of your loved ones and also give hope to those in need.


Ways to give

As a non-profit organization, ASA is dependent entirely on donations from kindhearted people like yourself.



You can donate any car, truck, RV or even boat—in any condition as well as from any location—to assist us in saving animals and also get a tax deduction simultaneously! It’s fast, simple, and an all-around win-win giving opportunity. What better way to do away with an old or even extra vehicle than turning it into the resources required to support our life-saving programs? Through this simple act, you will be assisting ASA in our efforts to end animal cruelty and also find permanent, loving homes for all of America’s homeless pets.

We now have contracts with more than 3,500 tow companies. As a result, we can offer free pick-up anywhere in the nation!

You are eligible to receive a tax deduction equivalent to what the vehicle is sold for by the charity if you make a list of your deductions. You will receive a tax receipt declaring what your car sold for within a couple of days of the sale.


Enroll in ASA Legacy Society and assist animals for many years to come.

Enroll in ASA Legacy Society to assist us to continue serving animals in need. Most of our programs and services have benefitted from people who had the foresight to include ASA in their estate plans.

A gift annuity is a contract in which, in exchange for a minimum gift idea of $10,000, ASA will make payments to you, someone else, or even two people for a lifetime.

Pension assets are probably the most beneficial gifts you can share with ASA. These funds develop tax-free until the time of withdrawal. With the innovative use of these assets, you can contribute generously to ASA as well as provide for your loved ones. Numerous taxes on these plans can be prevented or reduced through a cautiously planned charitable gift.

Life insurance can often be overlooked as an investment that you can use to make gifts to ASA. There are a variety of ways to support ASA and there are numerous programs with an insurance-related donation option.

A Charitable Remainder Trust is a life-income arrangement that gives you an additional beneficiary with a stream of earnings for life or a period of years. After the trust elapses, the principal goes to ASA Unlike other life-income arrangements, CRTs are separately invested and managed trusts. Please note that ASA does not regulate these trusts for donors.